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Dona Kolors

Dona Kolors workers

Dona Kolors is a social entrepreneur project. It's a female clothing brand that offers a labour and an economic opportunity to women living in social exclusion.

The garments and accessories are designed and made manually, following the traditional process, entirely in our workshop in Barcelona. The project offers these women a professional alternative to work in the textile field.

Dona Kolors is a clothing company created for women and made by women. Our challenge, since its creation in 2012, is to be able to hire more women in need of emotional, social and economic autonomy.

El LLoc de la Dona

Dona Kolors workshop

Dona Kolors is a project of El Lloc de la Dona, a Center for Attention to Women linked to the practice of prostitution and/or victim of trafficking for sexual exploitation purpose, managed for more than 30 years by the Hermanas Oblatas, in Raval' a neighborhood of Barcelona. This Center offers services of reception and information, social health care, psycho-social care, orientation, training and employment.

El LLoc de la Dona gives women the tools for their empowerment, personal fulfillment and social and labor integration, being the workshop of Dona Kolors, a way of insertion of those women who have previously done sewing training, thus completing the circle.

In addition, from the various projects carried out in the entity, we work on awareness and social transformation, denouncing situations of injustice that affect women.

Dona Kolors worker