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These are some stories of the women behind Dona Kolors project. They are real, but their names have been changed to protect their identity and safeguard the workers and entity users.

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Nigeria, 19 years old. She's been in our sewing course for a year and a half and thanks to the sewing machine that she received once she completed the course, she is doing arrengements at home.



Nigeria, 23 years old. She likes to design her own clothes and keeps surprising us with the beautiful creations that she wears. In the future she'd like to produce her clothes in her own sewing workshop.



Latin America, 31 years old. Andrea learnt the office of seamstress in our sewing course. After the course, she joined Dona Kolors and worked in our workshop for a year. She's currently working in a clothing shop as a shop assistant.



Nigeria, 27 years old. She showed a high level of interest and very good skills in sewing. That's why at the middle of the sewing course, we already hired her in our workshop. She joined Dona Kolors in October 2013.



Romania, 29 years old. She already had experience working in production in her home country. She joined our workshop right from the start, so she's been working with Dona Kolors since October 2012.



Nigeria, 25 years old. She completed our sewing course succesfully. She is very interested in working in the textile industry and she showed great skills. She is currently receiving an addictional course focused on preparing her for work in production.



Nigeria, 22 year old. She is currently in the sewing course, learning to make dressmaking arrangements. Her dream is to open her own workshop back home.



Nigeria, 24 years old. She is taking our sewing course and is enjoying the good ambiance with the other women in the classroom. Her dream is to open her own clothing store in Nigeria.



El Salvador, 34 years old. She has successfully completed our sewing course. Thanks to the intership of the course, she found a job  in a sewing workshop in Barcelona.